The rise of Wordpress put a lot of website design agencies in jeopardy, the digital world opened to the masses and plenty of small companies walked bravely into it.

We now live in age were anyone given enough time and effort can build there own website with little to no previous understanding of coding. Simply put, website design and development is becoming automated.

With huge hosting companies offering a three click process to build a website there is going to be a change in how we look to build our online presence.

There is going to be a time in the near future when the general public will no longer search "who is the best agency to build my website" instead they will search "how to build my business a website?". This trend is already apparent.

The downfall to the three step website? Three things: - A limited number of templates to choose from
- No customisation of form or function
- Too technical to change

The solution?


DoDecker is a website builder, made to be simple.
- choose a domain.
- choose a basic template.
- change anything you want to on the template, by drag and drop, colour pickers and typeface tools.
- Upload pictures, videos, music and more.
- Integrate your social media.
- Dont worry the Seo is done for you.

If you want to have a online store, click the activation tab, arrange your page and simply step up your payment gateway. Then upload your stock, descriptions and pictures then go live.

Blogs and News pages are even easier, click the activation arrange your page, upload your content and go live.

You can even select certain pages to be password protected members areas.

capture you visitors emails with newsletter sign ups and review your website performance. DoDecker - Do websites.


The digital world is constantly changing. As the Directors of a digital company, we have seen this space becoming undermined by the cost effective "DIY" solutions that are emerging online. However, due to the lack of consideration for the customers user experience and technological abilities, none of the available solutions give customer satisfaction post purchase.

As such DODECKER will be focused on an easy to use interface allowing anyone to design a website, alongside giving users a structure to work from that will ensure that the end result is aesthetically pleasing. As a result the user will be able to create a great website very quickly. We have been focused on the concept of "build your website in a weekend". We will ensure that anyone, no matter what background you are from, can build yourself a custom website in two days.

The key mantra that DODECKER will convey is that great design is for everyone. It is our passion that the internet should look great, be easy to use and load quickly. Giving customers the control to develop a bespoke site in a cost effective manner which puts the power back into the hands of SME owners and not into Digital agencies.